Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Boots NOT Budget

Hello Fashionistas! I'm finally back in NYC for my fall semester. I just started classes this week and I confess I have a little bit of seniorits. I'm so close, yet so far to being finished with my college career. It's so weird to think about! Anyway, something that does excite me about this fall are the boots! When browsing the stores I noticed that details on boots are really important this season. Plain, classic boots are great, but this season it is all about embellishments and flash. Studs and sequins are especially popular. Unfortunately for those of us on a budget these details make the cost of boots pretty pricey. Because of this, the boots that I decided to share below are not in my usual affordable price range. Sorry ladies I couldn't help myself! A girl has got to splurge once in a while :)

Nine West: $139.00

Topshop: $160.00

Jessica Simpson: $139.00

Aldo: $120.00

Steve Madden: $169.95
These have no embellishments, but I LOVE them!