Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stay Sexy and Cool With the Cropped Bustier

Worn by the sexiest stars such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Jordana Brewster the cropped bustier has proven to be a must have for this summer! Paired with high waisted bottoms, this piece shows the perfect amount of skin and keeps you cool on those hot summer nights. Bustiers can be worn so many different ways. If you want a boho look, pair it a maxi skirt and a fringe bag or if you're going for more of an edgy look pair it with high waisted denim shorts and a leather jacket. In addition, many bustiers also showcase your back with cut outs and lace details giving another hint of sex appeal. Below are a collection of bustiers that will make you stand out anywhere you go.

Control Bustier- $38

Denim Floral Bustier- $25.95

Color Geometric Bustier- $15.90

Lace Crop Bustier- A'GACI: $17.50

Polka Dot Bustier- $42

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  1. The loveculture and tobi bustiers looks great! Love the post!