Friday, May 18, 2012

Where There is Heat, There are Pleats

Hello Everyone! I can proudly tell you that I survived finals week. To be honest though, I didn't just survive I kicked butt! I have one more final on Monday and then I'm FREE. I'm getting so excited for summer and I really like all the new trends I've seen in the stores. One that I am particularly loving is pleating. I've seen pleating in every way, shape, and form possible this season- in tops, skirts, dresses, pants, and accessories. Pleating is great because it adds lightweight texture to your typical cotton summer wardrobe. Perfect for day or night, this is one trend you must have! Below are some pieces  that stood out to me.

Only One Pleats Dress by French Kiss: $36 at

Zara: $89.90

H&M: $34.95

Lulu' $39

Love: $69.59

Cora Pleated Asymmetrical Skirt by Ark & Co: $59 at $40.30

Forever 21: $22.80

This bow headband is so adorable!!
Pleated Bow Aliceband by Johnny Loves Rosie: $34.79 at


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