Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Obsession: Quarter Past Love Necklace from Frock Stock

Hi Everyone! I hope you're surviving this Monday. Mine has been busy, but not too bad! When searching for today's obsession, I came across this necklace that I actually bought months ago at a flea market here in NYC. Today I found the same necklace on a great vintage site called Frock Stock. They call it the Quarter Past Love Necklace (what an adorable name!): $12.50.

This is mine that I got from the flea market!
The clock actually works, so you if you want to keep time on it you can. I wear long necklaces a lot and this one always gives my outfits a very soft, feminine touch.


  1. What a lovely trinket! So cute! xo

  2. Great find! It looks amazing :D
    Love your blog