Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Daily Obsession: Fashion Star Ep 2 Trousers by Sarah Parrott

What did you guys think of Fashion Star last night? Sarah Parrott designed another fabulous piece that H&M purchased. I cannot believe she made these trousers in 8 hours! They're my daily obsession today. By obsessed I mean I was at H&M this morning at 10am to buy them!

H&M: $19.95
They're lightweight and the fit is excellent. Unfortunately, I've got to get them hemmed because I am very petite and they are way too long. I've put together some items below that when paired with the trousers, would create a sophisticated and fashion forward look. 

Express Sleeveless Tie Front Shirt: $39.90

Unlisted First and Only Wedge Sandals at Macy's: $59.00

Nila Anthony Nicola Satchel at Handbag Heaven: $42.46

Crystal Creation Fashion Bracelet from Charming Charlie: $12.97

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