Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fur, Sparkles, and Sophistication

Fur, Sparkles, and Sophistication

Fur, Sparkles, and Sophistication by briana-stiles featuring a cocoon cardigan

Fur accents are really in style this season. I recently ordered this slouchy cardigan from I love it because the fur part is detachable, so I can wear it in future seasons if fur goes out of style. I also really like this bag from It's the perfect size and it looks similar to the Hamilton Satchel by Michael by Michael Kors, but it's only $34.90. Definitely check out if you haven't already. They have a lot of cute stuff at great prices. Last week I bought a nail polish similar to this one, but mine is Nicole by OPI and it's called "The Next CEO". It's a light shimmer gold color that goes with whatever you wear.

Victoria s Secret cocoon cardigan
$60 -

$40 -

Forever 21 retro jewelry
$13 -

Charlotte Russe oversized ring
$7.50 -


  1. It's all very grey and neutral. Great for winter!

  2. Yeah it's all about neutrals and black during winter for me! Thanks for reading!!