Saturday, December 24, 2011

Target Mossimo Vilda Flat

The shopping in Manhattan is fantastic! I am so lucky to have access to pretty much every store I could ever want. Unfortunately, one store that Manhattan does not have is Target. Target is by far the most fashion forward mass merchant. Their designer collaborations such as Missoni and Jason Wu (not available until 2012) give those of us on a budget the chance to look chic and trendy. The footwear department is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes because they offer quality, comfort, and fashion. I recently came home to Virginia for winter break. My mom wanted me to run some errands with her and normally I wouldn't be too enthused to tag along, but she was going to Target so I happily went with her. While she shopped for unexciting things like food and batteries, I made my way to the shoe department and found a pair of beautiful snake skin flats. At a price of $19.99 I fell in love! Their perfect amount of shine makes them perfect to wear day or night. I definitely recommend them!

Mossimo Vilda Smoker Flat-
*Also available in pink
They look great with skinny jeans


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  1. ohh i love these, those are wonderful, theyd go perfect with anything! i loveee target :)