Friday, December 9, 2011

PacSun- The Affordable Urban Outfitters

I love the store PacSun. I worked there for 2 years when I was in high school. Back then they were all about brands and labels- Etnies, Billabong, Burton etc. and sold t-shirts and skate shoes. Since then PacSun has evolved into a trendy and fashionable retailer. (Of course it evolved once I stopped working there and I can no longer get my employee discount-BUMMER!) A lot of PacSun's changes are a result of the retailer's CEO Gary Schoenfeld and Vice President of Merchandising and Design- Christine Lee. Christine Lee was Urban Outfitters' former General Merchandise Manager for women's apparel. Lee's edgy and unique Urban Outfitters influence is certainly visible in PacSun's current merchandise. When I go into PacSun now I almost feel like I'm in an Urban Outfitters except I look at the price tags and everything is actually affordable! That's the best part :) Unfortunately, I don't think many people have noticed PacSun's dramatic change in merchandise and still think of them as a skate apparel only store. As a result, PacSun's sales have been down for 12 consecutive quarters and recently announced that they will be shutting 200 of their 800 stores. If you haven't looked at PacSun in a while, you should go into one of their stores. I think you'll be surprised with what you find. Here are some photos that show how similar Urban and PacSun are now.

UO $ 88.00
PacSun $ 28.50

UO $ 66.00

PacSun $49.50

UO $ 39.00

PacSun $ 15.00 (ON SALE)

UO $59.00

PacSun $29.50


  1. Wow!!! interesting it. You can really see the change PacSun has made in their merchandising. Well done!!!

  2. I like the labels.

  3. oh girl i love pacsun, i totally agree, they are SO much better now! ive done a few posts on items ive gotten there, pacsun is probably one of my favorite stores! thats so sad they are closing some of their stores, i hope not mine!!! :( great post by the way!