Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Dress: Guess,  Cardigan: H&M,  Bag: Rebecca Minkoff,  Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors
I wore this outfit to both Church and Christmas dinner at the beautiful Willard Hotel in DC where I had the best meal I've ever eaten. I had a few things in mind when choosing this year's Christmas outfit. First of all it needed to be red. I find myself wearing black so much! I'm not sure if it's because of all the black work clothes I've accumulated throughout the years or the typical New York all black attire syndrome coming out in me. Secondly, I wanted it to be classy yet non-traditional. The H&M leopard cardigan is what transforms this outfit from ordinary to eye catching. Adding gold accents with the necklace, bag, and shoes ties the entire outfit together.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Target Mossimo Vilda Flat

The shopping in Manhattan is fantastic! I am so lucky to have access to pretty much every store I could ever want. Unfortunately, one store that Manhattan does not have is Target. Target is by far the most fashion forward mass merchant. Their designer collaborations such as Missoni and Jason Wu (not available until 2012) give those of us on a budget the chance to look chic and trendy. The footwear department is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes because they offer quality, comfort, and fashion. I recently came home to Virginia for winter break. My mom wanted me to run some errands with her and normally I wouldn't be too enthused to tag along, but she was going to Target so I happily went with her. While she shopped for unexciting things like food and batteries, I made my way to the shoe department and found a pair of beautiful snake skin flats. At a price of $19.99 I fell in love! Their perfect amount of shine makes them perfect to wear day or night. I definitely recommend them!

Mossimo Vilda Smoker Flat-
*Also available in pink
They look great with skinny jeans


Monday, December 12, 2011

Designer Christmas Trees at Macy's

Only 13 more days until Christmas!! Sometime in the next 13 days you have to make a trip to NYC to see all the beautiful decorations. There's nothing like New York City during the holiday season. Though my final exams and projects have been in full swing I've made time to sight see around the city. Besides seeing the tree at Rockefeller Center, I recommend you go to Macy's on 34th Street. The 8th floor is decked out in Christmas decorations. They have a collection of Christmas trees and each one has a designer theme. The trees were so creative! If you're a fashion fanatic like me you'll love these trees. Here are some photos of my favorite designer trees. 

Rachel Roy- This one is my favorite! I love how they incorporated the dress form into it.

Kenneth Cole- So creative how it's made up of shoe lasts.

Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse- I like the chef hat on top

Ralph Lauren- Classic American never gets old

Tommy Hilfiger 

Friday, December 9, 2011

PacSun- The Affordable Urban Outfitters

I love the store PacSun. I worked there for 2 years when I was in high school. Back then they were all about brands and labels- Etnies, Billabong, Burton etc. and sold t-shirts and skate shoes. Since then PacSun has evolved into a trendy and fashionable retailer. (Of course it evolved once I stopped working there and I can no longer get my employee discount-BUMMER!) A lot of PacSun's changes are a result of the retailer's CEO Gary Schoenfeld and Vice President of Merchandising and Design- Christine Lee. Christine Lee was Urban Outfitters' former General Merchandise Manager for women's apparel. Lee's edgy and unique Urban Outfitters influence is certainly visible in PacSun's current merchandise. When I go into PacSun now I almost feel like I'm in an Urban Outfitters except I look at the price tags and everything is actually affordable! That's the best part :) Unfortunately, I don't think many people have noticed PacSun's dramatic change in merchandise and still think of them as a skate apparel only store. As a result, PacSun's sales have been down for 12 consecutive quarters and recently announced that they will be shutting 200 of their 800 stores. If you haven't looked at PacSun in a while, you should go into one of their stores. I think you'll be surprised with what you find. Here are some photos that show how similar Urban and PacSun are now.

UO $ 88.00
PacSun $ 28.50

UO $ 66.00

PacSun $49.50

UO $ 39.00

PacSun $ 15.00 (ON SALE)

UO $59.00

PacSun $29.50